Art of Polymer Clay by Donna Kato

By | 21 December 08
  • Very contemporary and introduces the latest tools and techniques
  • Packed full of inspirational photos of high quality polymer clay work
  • Comprehensive section on image transfer techniques
  • polymerclay-katoA highly respected expert, Donna Kato has even formulated her own brand of polymer clay, Kato Clay. Her knowledge is apparent and I like her suggestions on health and safety.

    For instance, if you must use your own kitchen oven to cure clay, place everything in a turkey roasting bag so the polymer outgassing residue remains in the bag and does not collect on your oven walls.

    I pre-ordered the book sight unseen from Amazon. With my bookshelf already groaning from loads of polymer clay books, I was not sure that this one would have anything new to offer, but indeed it has!

    It may not be appropriate for beginners and as the title would suggest, it has no information about canes or loaves.

    But The Art of Polymer Clay certainly whets my appetite for new techniques, superb finishes and projects with an Asian flair like the inro boxes and kimono pins Kato is known for. The hollow beads on the cover of the book are to die for. The section on mica shift is also excellent.

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