Art and Craft of Ceramics

By | 21 December 08

The Art and Craft of Ceramics is a good sourcebook for a variety of vocabulary and demonstration of techniques.

“You have to practice over and over again, with patience; in this art form, time is on the artist’s side.  When something turns out badly, you must try again.  Never be satisfied and never get discouraged.”       ~ Maria Dolors Ros i Frigola

art-craft-ceramicsThis quote is from the introduction of the book and has much to say about the author’s manner in this book.  She is patient and quite comprehensive in her explanations of techniques.  Besides providing a bit of history of contemporary ceramics in the first chapter, she does a fine job of showing a cross section of clay-work.

She begins at the beginning and shows how raw materials become the clay we work with.  Moving on towards tools and how to use them with clay, and on to firing methods, there is much good information.

For those who do lots of looking at pictures, like me, even her captions have meaning.


  • Beautiful photographs clearly demonstrating what to do and not to do
  • Sections on ash glazes, copper red glazes and others
  • Step by step photos and descriptions of throwing, coil building, and other hand building.
  • Read more about this book at and


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