Soda Glazing by Ruthanne Tudball

By | 21 December 08

Soda Glazing by Ruthanne Tudball is a must-have if you are a potter or clay artist considering the move to vapor glazing, or would like more information on the process, the kilns and the clays.

  • Descriptive text about the soda glazing process
  • Clear and concise kiln diagrams
  • Profiles of potters’ firing methods

soda-glazingWhile this book assumes that you, as one who works with clay, have a rudimentary knowledge of the making and firing process, it does offer a range of basic to advanced information.

After being entranced by an article about Ruthanne in Ceramics Monthly, I bought the book and literally read it cover to cover, several times. I was going through an “I hate to glaze” phase, and thought soda glazing was my answer.

Being a “how-to” person, this is the kind of book that I love.  It not only shows you a picture of the outside of a particular soda kiln, but on the next page shows you the brick configuration, and burner placement.

In the chapter on how to introduce soda into the kiln, Ruthanne gives methods.  Not sketchy, “well, you might try a mixture of soda ash and calcium carbonate”, but succinct recipes to use as a starting point for your own experiments in soda glazing.

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