Pretty Little Things: Collage Jewelry, Trinkets, Keepsakes

By | 19 December 08

Pretty Little Things: Collage Jewelry, Trinkets, Keepsakes by Sally Jean Alexander is one of the best books I have ever seen on soldered jewellery. Sally Jean has built up her business over many years, every piece made by hand. So she really does know what she is talking about!

prettylittlethingsSally Jean uses vintage ephemera in a collage style to create unique pieces of jewellery – from bottle caps, crystal chandeliers, laboratory slides, glass nuggets … and deals very thoroughly with the practical side: how to cut glass safely, the best ways to solder, the best materials to use.

Sally Jean doesn’t just make jewellery though: she is also a very talented collage artist and leads you through a How To Collage project with step-by-step photographs so that you can create your own unique pieces. Wonderful for those inhibited or unsure of this medium.

You might also feel the urge to create a tiara (for a wedding, a party, for fun) and Sally Jean is your woman! She’s also the one to turn to if you want to make your own whimsical lumieres, whether one little house or a whole village. Or what about a full-sized doll’s house (for yourself, a niece or daughter?) and the furniture to go in it?

With full-colour photographs throughout, this book is brimming with ideas, from little trinkets to prettify your home such as a pendant vase, wall pieces and little gifties (3D pendants filled with memorabilia; a fabulous pen with silk flowers attached). Look at the photos of her studio for inspiration (this lady has immaculate taste. I want her studio, I want her stuff, I want her life! – well, her studio anyway.)

After all, why should your everyday life be humdrum or boring: surround yourself with beautiful things, and life itself will feel more beautiful. Come home after a hard day and see how your spirits will soar!

Easy to follow with very clear directions
Excellent closeup photographs throughout
Perfect for those with a little experience, dying to sink their teeth into
something more challenging

Emphasis is on jewellery and soldered projects
Does assume a certain level of skill/crafting expertise
This book isn’t for complete newbies who have never ever made a single thing before

Art dolls; shrines; jewellery: pendants, pins or brooches; photo frames mirrors; Christmas ornaments; vases – Sally Jean shows how to make all these, and I am sure you’ll be inspired to try these projects too.

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