500 Bowls

This book is one of the Lark series of 500… books. They have published several and every one epitomizes the titled object! Some of the others are 500 Cups, 500 Necklaces, 500 Figures in Clay and many more. Each is a full color adventure, from the first page to almost the last! As you page through the book, you will see minimal text, aside from a impressive foreword by John… Read More »

Soda Glazing by Ruthanne Tudball

Soda Glazing by Ruthanne Tudball is a must-have if you are a potter or clay artist considering the move to vapor glazing, or would like more information on the process, the kilns and the clays. Descriptive text about the soda glazing process Clear and concise kiln diagrams Profiles of potters’ firing methods While this book assumes that you, as one who works with clay, have a rudimentary knowledge of the… Read More »

Making Beautiful Beads – Glass, Metal, Polymer Clay, Fiber

A variety of techniques presented for true bead aficionados Step by steps provided for beads made of wool fiber, paper, polymer clay, metal and glass Inspiring gallery pages for all these sorts of beads except paper A number of different artists contributed projects for this book. I myself make beads from both wool (wet feltmaking) and polymer clay, so can vouch that these two sections are written by true experts… Read More »

New Clay by Nan Roche

A classic book that raised the status of polymer clay as an art material in the early 90s Still an excellent resource on caning techniques In addition to the standard sections on tools and basics, Nan provides a little information about color theory and design. Most of the instructions relate to cane and loaf construction though there are short sections on surface treatments, collage and sculpture. I frequently refer to… Read More »

Stamping Polymer Clay and Wire

Good variety of projects packed into a budget book Perfect for stampers who like working with polymer clay Will appeal to those who are into metallic or iridescent finishes You’ll find lots of jewelry projects in Stamping Polymer Clay & Wire, including three variations on art doll brooches. There’s a project for making window cling transfers. You’ll also find instructions on covering tins with clay, and then decorating them. I… Read More »