No More Secondhand Art by Peter London

When I read the title of this book, No More Secondhand Art, I knew I had to own it. Until Mr. London phrase it that way, I had never thought of other people’s art work in and prints as “secondhand. ” It’s not that he’s discouraging you from buying other people’s art. It’s important to own art, but is just as important–and perhaps more so–to create your own. The back… Read More »

Stitch Magic by Beaney and Littlejohn

Stitch Magic by Jan Beaney and Jean Littlejohn is a glorious book about rich, dimensional embroidery techniques. It also addresses several other kinds of surface treatments for fabric, mostly related to embroidery. This hardcover book includes a variety of amazing techniques whether you are working with geometrics, abstracts, or realistic imagery in your embroidery and surface design. The book begins with several historical references for a better understanding of the… Read More »

Strip-pieced Watercolor Magic by Deanna Spingola

Strip-pieced Watercolor Magic by Deanna Spingola is one of the best book I have ever seen for creating elegant and impressive quilts using strip piecing. You may have seen the quilts that I’ve made with tiny one-inch squares in them. This is the book that I used to put them together quickly and beautifully. They aren’t necessary fast to create, but they are simple enough for most intermediate sewers… or… Read More »

Spilling Open by Sabrina Ward Harrison

Spilling Open by Sabrina Ward Harrison was startling and original when it first appeared in bookstores. Store owners weren’t sure where to shelve it… art? … crafts? … self-help? Sabrina Ward Harrison made it okay to mix torn-paper collage, cut-out images, paint, pencil, sketches and everything but the kitchen sink. (Only because the sink probably wouldn’t fit between the journal covers.) I pick up this book regularly for inspiration, and… Read More »