Finding Your Visual Voice – review

Finding Your Visual Voice: A Painter’s Guide to Developing an Artistic Style Almost every book about succeeding as a full-time artist tells you to have a “cohesive body of art”  before approaching a gallery. That means at least eight to ten paintings in the same style. However, if you’re like me, you just paint. You don’t think about style.  And, if that’s working for you, that’s fine, but it wasn’t… Read More »

Colourwash Quilts by Deirdre Amsden

Colourwash Quilts by Deirdre Amsden is a superb and inspiring book for advanced quilters. If you enjoyed Strip Pieced Watercolor Magic, but you are ready to try more complex, innovative or original designs, this is an ideal book. In this book, author Deirdre Amsden spends far more time explaining how to design your quilt than the details of constructing it. Although she gives many examples that you can copy by… Read More »

Photographing Arts, Crafts and Collectibles

Photographing Arts, Crafts & Collectibles by Steve Meltzer is a one of the most important books for any artist or crafter. We’ve all read webpages, magazine articles, or chapters in books that provide valuable photo tips. However, few of those articles provide enough information–especially about digital photography–for professionals in arts and crafts. If you need photographs of your art or crafts for a juried show or competition, the quality of… Read More »

Embroidery from Sketch to Stitch by Pat Langford

Embroidery from Sketch to Stitch by Pat Langford is a great book to read if you are interested in crossing over from drawing and painting to fabric art. That said, this book assumes that you already know how to use a sewing machine and have some skill with machine embroidery, or that you can embroider by hand. This hardcover book is largely a series of illustrations showing embroidered work that… Read More »

Art of the Needle by Jan Beaney

The Art of the Needle, Design in fabric in thread, by Jan Beaney is a beautiful book. It covers far more ground than her other book, Stitch Magic. However, while this is a more accessible book for less experienced sewers, it’s also far more dated than Stitch Magic. Though this book was first published in 1988, to me it has a very 1970s style. Many of of the topics will… Read More »