Creative Cloth Doll Faces

Creative Cloth Doll Faces by Patti Medaris Culea Great Directions!  I am not a direction reader… My bookshelves are full of wonderful how-to books that are dripping with rich and juicy directions upon which my eyeballs have never rested! BUT those same eyeballs have experienced pure joy while pursing the pictures… and figuring out for myself how to do the projects. Patti’s book was no exception at the start; I… Read More »

Pretty Little Things: Collage Jewelry, Trinkets, Keepsakes

Pretty Little Things: Collage Jewelry, Trinkets, Keepsakes by Sally Jean Alexander is one of the best books I have ever seen on soldered jewellery. Sally Jean has built up her business over many years, every piece made by hand. So she really does know what she is talking about! Sally Jean uses vintage ephemera in a collage style to create unique pieces of jewellery – from bottle caps, crystal chandeliers,… Read More »

Celebrate Your Creative Self

Written by an artist FOR artists, every detail has been considered, starting with such practicalities as a book with a rigid, wipeable cover and interior ring binding. This book will stay open whether laid flat or propped up on your workstation, so that you can follow along – with the page in question open right in front of you (how many of us are driven absolutely wild with frustration when… Read More »

Artful Card by Alison Eades

Cards! We all need cards at some time or another, and very often fall into the trap of making one in the same old style, as we either left it too late (again!) to get too experimental – or else we chickened out (again!) and went and bought one. So, as you can imagine, I was delighted to discover this book! Alison concentrates mainly on cards, and you’ll find this… Read More »

Making Books and Journals

The Weekend Crafter: Making Books And Journals: 20 Great Weekend Projects is a short (80 pages) book that features some unusual book designs and lots of photos showing readers exactly how to make each book. What I love about this book is that it’s great for beginners and it includes some innovative ideas that will delight experienced book artists as well. Some people thrill when they discover a new, intricate… Read More »