No More Secondhand Art by Peter London

By | 11 April 08

When I read the title of this book, No More Secondhand Art, I knew I had to own it. Until Mr. London phrase it that way, I had never thought of other people’s art work in and prints as “secondhand. ”

It’s not that he’s discouraging you from buying other people’s art. It’s important to own art, but is just as important–and perhaps more so–to create your own.

The back cover of this book says, “This book is about using art as an instrument of personal transformation, enabling us to move from an inherited to a chosen state of being.”

Frankly, if you don’t like self-help books, you won’t like this one. It includes a variety of exercises to enhance your ability to visualize, and to overcome obstacles that prevent you from creating authentic art.

From making masks, to painting with “forbidden” and dangerous colors, to discovering meaning in found objects, this book is an adventure.

If you are stuck as an artist or aren’t creating art that makes you sing in the shower, this book may be exactly what you need.


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