Making Beautiful Beads – Glass, Metal, Polymer Clay, Fiber

By | 21 December 08
  • A variety of techniques presented for true bead aficionados
  • Step by steps provided for beads made of wool fiber, paper, polymer clay, metal and glass
  • Inspiring gallery pages for all these sorts of beads except paper
  • tourtillottA number of different artists contributed projects for this book.

    I myself make beads from both wool (wet feltmaking) and polymer clay, so can vouch that these two sections are written by true experts and the projects are worthwhile.

    Jorie Johnson is an American feltmaker based in Japan. I highly recommend her book, Feltmaking and Wool Magic.

    Irene Semanchuk Dean is highly regarded as a polymer clay artist and author. Her bead projects for this book are all delightful and they are different to the projects that appear in my all-time favorite polymer clay beadmaking book: Making Polymer Clay Beads by Carol Blackburn. [Link]

    I thought the paper section was disappointing.

    Metal work and glass bead making are highly specialized and require expensive equipment. You probably can’t teach yourself these particular skills from a book, though if you’ve already done classes, this book might be a useful reference.

    There is a cursory discussion of findings at the end of the book, but it really isn’t a book about making jewelry. It is about making beads.

    Making Beautiful Beads would certainly suit a person who is interested in making beads generally, and wants to explore the possibilities of using these very disparate materials.

    Or you might be like me, and buy the book simply for one or two of the materials covered.

    Is it good value on this basis? You have to be the judge of that for yourself. I’m guessing that most people would prefer to invest in a book that sticks to bead making in one particular genre.

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