Images on Clay II by Barbara McGuire

By | 21 December 08
  • Amazing amount of content for a 35-page budget book
  • Great photography, including step-by-step photos
  • Five pages of copyright-free clipart to get you started
  • mcguireimagesThis book focuses on transferring images to polymer clay using blue or black toner-based photocopies. The appealing projects range from brooches to beads to book covers to home decor.

    Five pages of copyright-free images are included. There is a bonus section on color mixing.

    How did all this great content fit in a 35-page book? Amazing!

    Barbara McGuire is a huge name in the world of polymer clay. She has a good sense of design and I like the way she combines the transfer images with stamped images for a montage effect.

    This book is an excellent resource.

    It’s published by Design Originals, 2002 (a CanDo Crafts booklet)

    Read more about this book at and


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