Glorious Glues! Art with Adhesives, Paula Guhin

By | 3 April 09

With Glorious Glues! Art with Adhesives, art Teacher Paula Guhin has put together a wonderful little book that showcases the many uses of glue in art making.

All of her projects are rated either easy, moderate or advanced and glorious-glues6can be used with all ages.

The lessons are well written and easy to follow. Tips to evaluate the artwork are included at the end of each lesson. Both 2-D and 3-D projects are included.

A chapter with simple recipes for assorted pastes, paint and clay is included as well as a glossary of terms. Black and white photo are included throughout the book.

There are some great ideas presented here to encourage creativity and experimentation. She also inspires students to incorporate the elements of art into their work.


  • The projects are low cost. Anyone can afford them.
  • Most projects can be used for all ages. Older students can incorporate some of the techniques into more advanced art projects.
  • The projects are fun and creative.


  • Many of the projects, as written, are too easy for high school students.
  • All of the illustrations are black and white.

art books review - 3.5 stars

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