Experimental Drawing, by Robert Kaupelis

By | 20 December 08

“This book is about drawing; about the experience of drawing and seeing drawings; and about the possibilities of extending our traditional concepts concerning the parameters of drawing”, R. Kaupelis

mw-experimental-drawingExperimental Drawing by Robert Kaupelis is a very good text on the infinite varieties of drawing. Written by a college art professor, it is intended for beginning to advanced students and is an excellent text for teachers to use in the art classroom. The author covers a vast amount of information including contour, gesture and modeled drawing, basic composition and using value. He goes on to cover using photographs, and working in a series. He ends his book with a series of exercises that will get you working in a more expressionistic manner.

This is a great book if you are interested in the process of drawing versus the product. Your drawing skills will improve and expand and your concept of what drawing is will surely change.

CONS: This book may be overwhelming for beginners working on their own. Many of the exercises are designed to teach you about drawing, rather than showing you how to draw something specific. The author’s writing style, while clear, tends to be a little wordy and the type face is small.

PROS: As a teacher, I have found this book to be invaluable. The huge number of exercises can be used to expand student skills and their definition of what drawing is. There are many images of unusual and contemporary drawing styles.

If you just want to learn to draw a still life or a portrait, there are other books that will better suit your needs. However, if you really want to know what drawing is all about, this is a book that will push you to explore and create drawings like you have never done before.


  • Many suggestions and exercises for creating different kinds of drawings
  • Examples of drawings by contemporary and old masters as well as student work in a variety of black and white media and styles
  • Lots of information designed to push your drawing beyond realism and into the abstract and conceptual realm
  • Learn more about this book at
    Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk


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