Embroidery from Sketch to Stitch by Pat Langford

By | 11 April 08

Embroidery from Sketch to Stitch by Pat Langford is a great book to read if you are interested in crossing over from drawing and painting to fabric art.

That said, this book assumes that you already know how to use a sewing machine and have some skill with machine embroidery, or that you can embroider by hand.

This hardcover book is largely a series of illustrations showing embroidered work that relies on varying levels of painting as well.  Generally, there isn’t much instructional material with the art; you’ll be reading this for inspiration, not instruction.

It is rich with full-color illustrations and wonderful ideas.  If you’ve been staring at your sewing supplies, wondering what to do next, this book might be exactly what you need.

The author has provided examples of the sketches that she used to create some of this work. The photography also captures important elements in the art, including the dimensional embroidery.

I think that this is an excellent companion volume to the book Stitch Magic.

Since this book is out of print as I’m writing this in 2008, you’ll probably be buying a used copy. If the price is low enough, this is a book that is worth owning.

Otherwise, see if your public library has a copy, or if they can get it on inter-library loan.


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