Discovering Great Artists, by Kohl and Solga

By | 3 April 09

Discovering Great Artists: Hands-On Art for Children in the Styles of the Great Masters, by Mary Ann Kohl and Kim Solga (Website:

Starting with Giotto and continuing on through current artists, Ms. Kohl and Ms. Solga have created multiple art lessons based on individual artist.

Each lesson includes a very brief biography, a list of materials and an easy to follow process.

All the illustrations are black and white. They include student work, work of the featured artist and some are illustrations by the authors.

All the lessons have a key that designates their art technique, the artist style, amount of planning and prep and the experience level of the student.

Most lessons are designed for elementary students, but with some adjustments, many could be used at the middle school level.

Lessons include both 2-D and 3-D projects.

The last chapter has additional games and activities. An extensive resource guide and glossary is also included in the book.


  • Lessons are art history based
  • Lessons are well organized by date and style


  • Book is geared for elementary aged students only
  • Color illustrations would be helpful in appreciating the artists’ work

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One thought on “Discovering Great Artists, by Kohl and Solga

  1. MaryAnn Kohl

    thank you so much for the nice review. I would like to let your readers know that on my website, they can choose a resource that is very popular. I offer a list of all the artists, and you can click on an artist and it will take you directly to a full color artwork by that artist. All of the artists are listed in the same order as the book. Everyone loves this resource…and all the artworks have been previewed and suitable for all ages of children.

    Thank you again!
    MaryAnn Kohl

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