Discovering Drawing, by Ted Rose and Sallye Mahan-Cox

By | 20 December 08

Discovering Drawing, by Ted Rose and Sallye Mahan-Cox

This is an excellent textbook that offers a tradition approach to teaching drawing. Discovering Drawing starts by defining what drawing is. It covers the elements and principles of design, basic drawing techniques and includes information on different subject matter, including a chapter on expressive drawing. Art history, how to segments, career profiles of professional artists and rubrics are included throughout the book.

Discovering Drawing puts a definite emphasis on drawing from life. Working with photo references and using a grid is only briefly mentioned. There is also minimal information on different drawing media and how to use them.

If you are looking for a traditional drawing curriculum that incorporates art history, criticism, aesthetics and writing exercises as well as sketchbook assignments, then this book is for you.

CONS: The information included is almost too basic for advanced high school students. Most of the drawing assignments are simply drawing objects from life with little content or creativity included.

PROS: This book offers a ready made, DBA based curriculum, which if followed, would expose students to all aspects of basic drawing.


  • It is aimed for middle and high schools students
  • The text is well organized and easy to read
  • There are many high quality color images of both student and old master drawings
  • Learn more about this book at and


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