Colourwash Quilts by Deirdre Amsden

By | 11 April 08

Colourwash Quilts by Deirdre Amsden is a superb and inspiring book for advanced quilters.

If you enjoyed Strip Pieced Watercolor Magic, but you are ready to try more complex, innovative or original designs, this is an ideal book.

In this book, author Deirdre Amsden spends far more time explaining how to design your quilt than the details of constructing it.

Although she gives many examples that you can copy by following her directions, this is not a book offering by-the-numbers instructions. In fact, many of the quilts that you make from this book will be one-of-a-kind, and designed on graph paper, or an enlarged grid.

One of the reasons that I like this book so much, is because the author uses wide range of fabrics in modern and historical inspired patterns. She talks about her pattern, color and value choices as part of the design process.

She also is a daring with colors. On the cover of the book, you’ll see color opposites — such as blue and brown — placed next to each other. You’ll see other similar, startling combinations inside this very exciting book.

This is a visually dazzling book if you love color.

There are books that talk you through projects so that you can create the quilt that you see in the photograph. This is not one of those books.

Instead, this is a book that you will browse for inspiration when you want to create an award-winning quilt that is innovative as well as a unique art statement.


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