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Trending Influence of Origami and Paper Folding

After watching the documentary, Between the Folds, I decided to see what’s new in origami and related paper folding arts. For starters, a new (possibly) Banksy graphic was a very affirmative nod to the growing popularity of origami as fine art, and fiber manipulation in general. New Origami Graffiti Art Might Be a Banksy Original! | Inhabitat … inhabitat.com3/26/12 This awesome crane and goldfish are reported to be Banksy’s latest… Read More »

12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women

The 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women, by Gail McMeekin is truly a “portable mentor” as the subtitle suggests. Published over ten years ago, many of the book’s themes have been repeated, embellished and embraced in other books, workshops and forums. However, much of this advice is timeless and as important today as it was then. It is about moving forward as a creative woman, overcoming past obstacles and fear,… Read More »

Caffeine for the Creative Mind

Caffeine for the Creative Mind is on the very short list of books I rate with the full five stars.  It’s that good. Subtitled “250 Exercises to Wake Up Your Brain,” this book offers some tremendously fun and stimulating exercises to get you un-stuck as an artist… in minutes. This book suggests things I’ve never seen anywhere else.  For example: Write down 20 things that smell great when they are… Read More »

Celebrate Your Creative Self

Written by an artist FOR artists, every detail has been considered, starting with such practicalities as a book with a rigid, wipeable cover and interior ring binding. This book will stay open whether laid flat or propped up on your workstation, so that you can follow along – with the page in question open right in front of you (how many of us are driven absolutely wild with frustration when… Read More »

No More Secondhand Art by Peter London

When I read the title of this book, No More Secondhand Art, I knew I had to own it. Until Mr. London phrase it that way, I had never thought of other people’s art work in and prints as “secondhand. ” It’s not that he’s discouraging you from buying other people’s art. It’s important to own art, but is just as important–and perhaps more so–to create your own. The back… Read More »