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Pencil Drawing Techniques

This is an excellent book for those just starting out with drawing and also intermediate level students. There is good basic information on how to use pencils, as well as creating value and textures. There are exercises design to help you incorporate perspective in your drawings, including drawing cubes, cylinders and conical objects. Pencil Drawing Techniques puts a definite emphasis on drawing from life. Working with photo references and using… Read More »

Experimental Drawing, by Robert Kaupelis

“This book is about drawing; about the experience of drawing and seeing drawings; and about the possibilities of extending our traditional concepts concerning the parameters of drawing”, R. Kaupelis Experimental Drawing by Robert Kaupelis is a very good text on the infinite varieties of drawing. Written by a college art professor, it is intended for beginning to advanced students and is an excellent text for teachers to use in the… Read More »