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Wheel Thrown Pottery by Bill Van Gilder

Bill Van Gilder, the host of DIY Network’s Throwing Clay, introduces you to key techniques and skill building projects. Simple easy to follow photos Projects with basic explanation Tool lists, tips and glaze recipes What a great book for people beginning to throw pots! This book is a compilation of projects, each with its own tool list and photos, demonstrating the throwing process, as well as the additions like handles… Read More »

Spirit of Clay by Robert Piepenburg

This is one of my favorite books that has ever been written about clay! Art is not just about skill, it is about heart and soul, and this book addresses that from the very first paragraph. Covers technique from handbuilding to refined throwing Tons of information about glazing, firing and making Written with the emotional side of the artist in mind If you are just beginning in clay, boy are… Read More »

Raku – A Practical Approach by Steve Branfman

Long considered a handbook of raku, Raku – A Practical Approach details a myriad of topics pertaining to this method of firing. Glaze recipes for many different raku effects Extended chapter on kiln design, construction and operation Information on how to do raku safely in a school or workshop environment. Raku, a ceramic process originating in Japan, involves taking a pot from the kiln with special tools at the height… Read More »

Extruder Book by Daryl E. Baird

The Extruder Book is a delight to the clay craftsperson!  Full of timely information and beautiful photographs, it brings into focus a tool that can be as valuable as the wheel or kiln. Expert instruction on making your own extruder dies Step by step photos on several demonstrations of various uses of extruder Comprehensive review of extruders available on the market If you are like me, you may have viewed… Read More »

Art of Firing by Nils Lou

The Art of Firing explores building and firing a fuel kiln from top to bottom.  This is a book that I would not ever be without! Expansive diagrams of kiln designs Comprehensive explanations of construction, draft, burners, and more Sections on wood firing, salt glazing and refractory materials Firing a gas or wood kiln can be like a dance, causing you to stretch more than you intended sometimes, and often… Read More »