Caffeine for the Creative Mind

By | 23 March 10

Caffeine for the Creative Mind is on the very short list of books I rate with the full five stars.  It’s that good.

Subtitled “250 Exercises to Wake Up Your Brain,” this book offers some tremendously fun and stimulating exercises to get you un-stuck as an artist… in minutes.

This book suggests things I’ve never seen anywhere else.  For example: Write down 20 things that smell great when they are cooking.

See?  Doesn’t that kick your senses out of the doldrums?

Or how about these:

  • Go take 15 pictures of different kinds of barriers.
  • Build the shell of a robot out of objects around you right now.
  • Choose a song and make a children’s story out of it.

This book offers 250 fresh, exciting ways to refresh your brain and your creativity.

It’s visually inspiring, too. The presentation — a mix of fonts in a very creative book design — makes this book tremendous fun to flip through.

Ordinarily, I try to say something negative (but fair) about every book, even those I rave about. With this book… I can’t think of anything bad to say about it.

Go buy a copy and take it out when you’re stuck. It will work. I promise.

2 thoughts on “Caffeine for the Creative Mind

  1. Stefan Mumaw

    HeyHey- My name is Stefan Mumaw and I am the co-author of “Caffeine for the Creative Mind.” A friend of mine pointed me to your review and I wanted to leave a message of thanks and gratitude for the encouragement. It is incredibly rewarding to hear of people who find value in the book, it was truly a labor of love. So glad you enjoyed it and have given it such a positive review. You officially rock! Thanks.

  2. Aisling Post author

    Hi Stefan,

    I’m honored that you commented! Your book is what rocks… it’s one of the best I’ve ever read, and — as a voracious reader — that’s saying a lot!


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