Art Smart, by Susan Rodriguez

By | 20 December 08

As a beginning art teacher at the elementary and middle school level I found Art Smart invaluable. The activities provide a fun and creative way to teach art history. I’ll never forget seeing half a class of 6th graders lay on the floor while their partners traced around them on bulletin board paper to create their own individual “Mummy Cases”! Even students that didn’t like art class got excited about this project.

mw-artsmartThis book is full of these kinds of activities. Chapters include information on the Stone Age, Egypt, the Greek and Romans, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, Post-Renaissance, Pre through Post-Impressionism, Modern Art, Art of the Americas, Art of the Middle and Far East and Africa.

Also available is a set of art history slides that are keyed to specific activities. Paired together, the activities and slides offer an exciting approach to teaching about the art of the past.

CONS: Slides need to be available as DVD’s with more visuals included.

PROS: Lots of great ideas for younger students.


  • Lessons based on both western and non-western art history.
  • Each activity includes a list of materials, teacher preparation and directions.
  • Lots of creative ideas for projects.
  • Learn more about this book at and


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