Art from Many Hands

By | 20 December 08

“In a world where differences in culture and ethnicity sometimes bring conflict, learning about cultural differences in arts and crafts can help students appreciate and respect one another.”

Though first published in 1981, this quote from “Art From Many Hands” still rings true.

mw-artmanyhandsMs. Schuman covers fine arts and crafts from all over the world, including Africa, the Middle East, Europe, Asia, Central and South America, the Caribbean and North America. The history of each art form is first presented along with examples of finished work and tools. Detailed instructions for projects suitable for elementary and middle school students follow. Where possible, alternate materials and tools are suggested for teachers on a limited budget.

Examples of student art work are shown in both black and white and color. An extensive bibliography in included at the end of the book for those wishing to do further research.

I especially like the fact the she encourages students to create their own artwork using the techniques presented rather than copying a project step by step. Not only are students learning about other cultures, but they are learning to use their own creativity.

CONS: Not enough large, color pictures to show as examples for classrooms without access to the real thing.

PROS: Many different ideas for projects are presented with clear instructions on how to teach them in the classroom.


  • Many ideas for multicultural art projects
  • Good information on how to do these projects in the classroom
  • Extensive bibliography for further research and information
  • Learn more about this book at and


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