Handbook of Arts and Crafts

By | 20 December 08

A Handbook of Arts and Crafts by Phillip Wigg, Willard Wankelman, and Jean Hasselchwert

mw-handbookofartsThis text, now in it’s 10th edition, is a standby for elementary and middle school art educators. Using basic and readily available materials such as clay, chalk, crayons, paper and cardboard, teachers can find a wealth of ideas on how to use these materials creatively.

The instructions are simple enough that even those who have not had art training can use them in the classroom and at home.

The information on a child’s artistic developmental stages and on the teaching of art in general would be especially helpful for those teachers not trained as art educators.

CONS: Most suited to elementary students. The information presented is mostly on how to use the materials. Specific project ideas are not included.

PROS: Lots of different ways to use common materials. Good for programs on a tight budget.


  • Many different uses for standard art materials
  • Good chapter on the importance of art education and the basic stages of a child’s artistic development
  • Information is easy to understand with lots of visual examples
  • Learn more about this book at
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