500 Bowls

By | 21 December 08


This book is one of the Lark series of 500… books. They have published several and every one epitomizes the titled object! Some of the others are 500 Cups, 500 Necklaces, 500 Figures in Clay and many more. Each is a full color adventure, from the first page to almost the last!

As you page through the book, you will see minimal text, aside from a impressive foreword by John Britt. What you will see is amazing pictures of bowls! When I want to consider a different form or style, I open this book. It is a well spring of ideas and directions!

One of the things that I noticed about the layout, after I had paged through it a few times, is that the pictures match. What I mean to say is, that on opposing pages will be pictures of two different bowls, by two different artists, but they seem to go together. The layout is very thoughtfully done.


  • Gorgeous full color photos of an astounding range of clay work
  • Very inspiring for those blocked moments
  • Many different artists and their vision of the definition of  “bowl”
  • Read more about this book at
    Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk


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